Walking around Bahrain | Day 1

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Have you ever wondered how much do you really know about your country!  We would never thought that we would have such a rewarding journey in our small island and we were totally wrong!

The idea came, Walking around Bahrain in 5 days! we got so excited, it sounds challenging we don’t really know how things will go walking in our island that was affected so badly by urban expansion, so we knew we will be walking mostly through roads and residential areas and more over no one did it before, in our time I mean!

We set up the plan and announced our route, we would walk around our country in 5 days, this plan doesn’t have the option of returning home even though we live in a small island! so we will be carrying our tent, camp at the point we reach and continue the next day. We wanted to walk to be able to look for details and discover the hidden things we skip normally when moving by car in our daily life, moreover we would like to visit some places that we didn’t have the chance to visit before.

And so we did, we packed our tent, camping gear, some food, and camera kit. We started our journey by camping at Bilaj Aljzaer, the weather was chilling, cold and I remember that we didn’t take off our jackets and slip in our sleeping bags to keep warm, I woke up on a very beautiful scene that I couldn’t describe, I told Hussain you need to wake up now and see this, the moon look magically hugging the sea sending its white light along the sea surface. Isn’t it a very romantic start of our journey together!

Walking around Bahrain

Being in the adventure mood everything felt different, a lot of enthusiasm and excitement we started putting foot next to the other, not really worried about anything but only to reach our next campsite by sunset!

With morning and first day energy we reached our first target destination Al Areen Wildlife Reservation! lines and lines of kinder-garden kids were waiting to enter the park we sat watching them. I just love it all this excitement, curiosity that you see in kids eyes and we must say we enjoyed our tour more just seeing how kids are reacting when seeing different animals!

Since it is really un-common to see citizens walking in Bahrain, since day one we received a lot of invitations from people to take us in their car, a very nice offer that is really hard to resist specially when walking under hot mid day sun.


Going through the deserted road in the southern part of our island, passing by Bahrain international circuit and university of Bahrain!  continue and walking more than 20 kilometres we couldn’t reach the Tree of Life on foot, it was too dark with no energy at the end of the day and we had to ask for help, after waiting for 15 minutes, finally one car stopped for us, they were two Jordanian guys who just moved to Bahrain and didn’t know what and where is the Tree of Life! we were leading them through the road and telling them about our last trip to Jordan, our impressions of the people there and also about our trip around Bahrain! they were too nice to offer us their well equipped campsite, we had to say no. Arrived finally to the tree of life and set up our small tent. Family arrived to the campsite with dinner to say hi! That night made us think that no matter what, you will see your family standing by your side even if they think you are wasting your time walking around your country!

Walking around Bahrain

Don’t miss our trip photos on Instagram at the following hashtag #WalkBahrain

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