Traditional Qatari breakfast at Shay Al Shoomos

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During our visit to Qatar, our friend Shaima took us to try traditional Qatari breakfast at Shay Al Shoomos cafe. the cafe is located in Souq Waqif, one of the famous attractions in Qatar. The cafe was busy and full of people specially from Gulf countries. We went directly to the kitchen to meet the shop owner, entrepreneur “Shams”. It was very small cooking area, one oven that served hundreds of orders, and you can face the oven heat directly when entering the kitchen! Shams dressed in Khaliji style “black Abaya” was working there with full energy, busy preparing all the requested meals. with all of that, she welcomed us nicely, she was very warm with all her feelings. we stayed in the kitchen for a while to see how she is cooking with full passion and love, and that’s why we think the food were amazingly delicious! we asked Shams to pick our breakfast meal!

Shay Alshomous

Shay Alshomous

We sat on one of the tables, while we are waiting the food to be served, Shaima introduced us to Mohammed Al-Sharif, a Qatari friend. she invited him to join us for the breakfast. It was a great chance to meet him and enjoy the time listening to his great travel stories and filmmaking experiences. one of the nice stories about Mohammed, that he went to film a hunting trip in Algeria desert, moreover he experienced the highest bungee jumping in Macau, China .. crazy guy !!

Shay Alshomous

After a while, Shams humbly served the food by her self, various traditional dishes .. Egg with tomato, Blalit, Beans “Luba”, the tea with milk. Although Hussain doesn’t classified food as a main interest, but as he said that day “I really enjoyed the food, it’s really delicious .. and the place is so vivid !”

Shams hospitality was amazing, she cooked the food and served it to us, and finally she didn’t allow us to pay for it!! Aarab hospitality, she considered us as her guests from Bahrain .. Thank you Shams, what a generosity!

Shay Alshomous

We moved to the next shop, which belongs to her as well. she sell home made food products such as spices, cheese, herbs, desserts and pickles.

Shams taught us different lessons .. how to be humble, hospitable.. word could’t describe this wonderful woman! moreover her passion of her work and ambition that led her to all these success.

Your visit to Qatar will not be complete without visiting Shay Al Shoomos cafe !


– Location: Al Bidda hotel, Souq Waqif

– You can follow the cafe Instagram page on @Shay_Alshomous and you can see her products on @alshomousproducts

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