The tough honeymoon !

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In 2013 after spending some money on our wedding arrangements, we were planning our honeymoon trip. we were searching for something affordable and enjoyable that will make some difference in our life, and will leave nice memories.

After spending around a month searching, reading and changing from one place to another we finally decided to go to Kashmir, the Switzerland of India “as they name it there”.

While we are searching, we got to know many new information about budget traveling, and how people can travel light, we saw many trekking adventures in the Himalayan mountains. so we ordered the Lonely Planet travel guide book “Trekking in the Indian Himalaya” and started reading.

We decided to divide our honeymoon trip into 2 parts, 10 days to experiment trekking for the first time, and the other part will be for relaxing and enjoying different nice spots in Kashmir. we arranged our trip with Trekking in India, they were very friendly and flexible in the payment method.

We left Bahrain, spent one day in Delhi and Agra visiting the famous Taj Mahal, Agra fort, and several other places. next day we headed to Ladakh region where our new adventure will be. We spent 3 days in Leh city to be acclimated with the high altitude (3500 above sea level). the fourth day was the beginning of our trekking trip, and you know we started with full energy and enthusiasm!

here is our route (Trek 5 – from Lamayuru to Chilling), It’s called the seven hidden valleys

Trekking route

Spending the first night in the tent, in total darkness, wolf howling and surrounded by nothing, the only thing we did that night is getting closer and hug each other, and to be honest we both were too afraid to go out even when we needed the toilet. Yes! What kind of adventurous people we are but it was our very real first time in the wild.

The day after we get our breakfast early morning and start walking .. we felt that we are in real adventure! and start to capture photos every 5 minutes! We were walking around 10 hours, up and down for more than 13km/day for 7 days.

The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon

What actually happened after the first day of the trekking, I started to feel very dizzy, I couldn’t breath well and sometimes my nose was bleeding, my temperature was going high and all the symptoms were saying It’s the mountain sickness! So you may wonder, was I enjoying my honey moon at that moment? of course no! it was painful and difficult and I insisted that we have to finish what we started and I had to force myself to walk the required distance and cross the high passes everyday.

The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon

But there are the other things that made the trip, we were disconnected from everything no internet no cell phones and no distractions, I could saw how lucky I am to have a wife who supported me during the day and took a good care of me during the night. I wanted to continue to the other day because everyday we walk in fascinating places that made me forget my pain. I could see the pure kindness and patience of our guide and how he was doing his job from all of his heart. and I saw how villagers managed to maintain a life in a very harsh climate.

The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon The tough honeymoon

After crossing this 66km trekking, we returned back from the mountains to continue our trip and tours to different areas in Kashmir, such as Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonmarg. and what I remember that we were just talking about our past 10 days in the himalayas mountains!

To end up what we started, Did this adventure made a difference in our life and created good memories !!?

Diffidently yes, after this adventurous and tough honeymoon, we are not only a couple, we are the closest friends. It didn’t only helped us to know each other better but it was kind of a self discovery as well we became to know ourselves more. This trip has changed us a lot, changed our whole life style, and sparked our passion to travel the world.


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  1. Aman
    September 28, 2018 at 9:35 am - Reply

    A trip like you had remain unforgettable for life time. As an Indian i have been to Ladakh and Kashmir so i can easily relate myself with your experience, but i travelled solo. Thanks for such an awesome blog.

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