Walking around Bahrain

Walking around Bahrain | Day 3

Every place we passed through during our walking adventure around Bahrain has its own smell. The first day when we camped by Bilaj AIjazaer beach, we could always smell the sea. The morning of the third day we crossed an ...

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5 Local spots to visit in Bahrain

People always ask us, “what is the best thing about Bahrain !?” and our answer without hesitation “The friendliness, kindness and warmth of its people and the simplicity around in this island”. In 2013, The day next to our wedding ...

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Walking around Bahrain | Day 1

Have you ever wondered how much do you really know about your country!  We would never thought that we would have such a rewarding journey in our small island and we were totally wrong! The idea came, Walking around Bahrain ...

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