6 Awesome Bahraini Instagramers

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Instagram makes it easy to view different photos from all over the world, but more than 200 Million monthly active users make it difficult to find quality accounts or nice photos, especially when they are lost in popular hashtags.

We want to share with you 6 Awesome Bahraini Instagramers that we follow. The accounts are selected based on our interest in Travel and Photography, and based on our opinion on the photos they post and how they effectively affecting in the community through Instagram.

Keep in mind our list here is completely subjective. Some of these accounts are more personality driven, while others create a steady stream of incredible and diverse images. And we are sure; there are a lot of other quality accounts, since we have many talented guys in Bahrain.

– @alyabahrain


Alya has a unique taste that everyone agreed she is a talented woman. She is posting photos with different insights than what we normally see of the places she is traveling to. She has been traveling to many countries around the world; Hungary, Norway, UK, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and others. But what most attracted us are the photos from her visits to Sudan, Egypt, Morocco and Iran.

Alya has been featured on Instagram official account as a suggested user for the list of top photographers in Instagram; they see her as a model Instagrammer. And what is more nicely, she dedicated this feature to the Sudanese children she met in a remote village in Omdurman.

– @k_aljabri


Khalid is one of the Bahraini Instagrammers that has been featured on Instagram as well, but what makes us happy to follow his photos, that he is posting very simple yet very powerful photos that tell the stories of Bahrain’s capital “Manama”. He describes himself in a brief statement “A guy with a camera / from Bahrain, lost in Manama”.

– @alshaikh_bh


If you are interested in different events in Bahrain, Al-Shaikh account is the best place to get many real and on ground photos from Bahrain.

Al-Shaikh is a photo journalist and a well-known photographer for his coverage about Bahrain, Mohammed Al-Shaikh is an AFP photographer, and EFIAP (Excellence Federation International De L’Art Photographique) awarded.

– @salehnass


We like Saleh’s amazing monochrome photos, specially the stunning collection from Yemen.

Saleh is well-known for his award winning short films; “Lu’ba” was Official Selection at over 20 festivals worldwide. And recently his film “Central Market” also was Official Selection at Montreal World Film Festival. Saleh is one of the best filmmakers in Bahrain and GCC, if not the best!

– @rshrsho


Rasha is always sharing interesting vibrant photos of street life in different countries.

Rasha Yousif, Active, productive and hyper Bahraini traveler who’s competing with Ibn Battuta as she describe herself. Rasha have been selected lately as one of 8 Arab photographers to be part of a reality TV photography competition called “I’m a Nat Geo Photographer” a production for National Geographic Abu Dhabi.

She exhibited her Sleeper Class series in a joint photography exhibition entitled “Inside India”. She achieved one of her many dreams and prayed at AlAqsa mosque, as she participated in Arab cultural exchange program in Palestine.

Rasha is running a travel and photography blog http://www.rashayousif.com

– @sayyedfadel


Sayed Fadel is posting photos that have a constant style from all around Bahrain. He is using only his iPhone to capture his nice photos that are edited later by VSCO Cam application. Many of his photos have been featured in many accounts such as gettyreportage and EverydayBahrain.

Fadel always entitle his photos with a nice quote or wisdom.

What are your favorite accounts? Do you think we miss one of the best accounts in Bahrain? Let us know in the comments.

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