• 5 Tips to help your photography project
  • 5 Tips to help your photography project

5 Tips to help your photography project

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As usual the Center of Photographic Arts Bahrain (CPABahrain) continue to surprise us with interesting and very helpful workshops, this time with the amazing artist Louis-Cyprien Rials.

Louis-Cyprien has shared with us and for the first time some of his 10 years of photographic works, which inspired us in many ways, the workshop has pushed forward our understanding and concepts about photography. Louis-Cyprien took a great care of each participant. His enthusiasm and vivid spirit made the workshop an exceptional experience.


Here are some of the special tips Louis-Cyprien taught us to help us on our photography project:

  • Define your concept and have in-depth research and thinking about the topic in mind.
  • Being well organized helps you to focus on your concept and guide your project in clear direction. For example organize your projects documentation in sorted folders and structured location.
  • Save every picture and article you like, it will help you to define who you are, recognize your own interests and it will work as a great source of inspiration later on.
  • Write every idea that comes up to your mind even if you think that it is a stupid idea. By time you will have your own bank of ideas.
  • Synchronize and backup your data, especially your photos.

We implemented those tips in our photography assignments and found them very useful. Hope it will be useful for you too.

The Center of Photograhic Arts – Bahrain will host Louis Cyprien Rials’ exhibition in Maison Jamsheer on Tuesday, 8th of April 2014.



Thanks Faris Algosaibi for the group photo

Louis-Cyprien Rials
Louis-Cyprien biography:

Born in 1981 in Paris, Louis-Cyprien Rials practiced photography and video since his early twenties. In 2005, he relocated to Tokyo where he lived for three years and held his first exhibition, “Koban”.

Since his return from Japan, Cyprien lives between Paris and Berlin, and continue to produce work that explores absence and withdrawal, with a passion from ruins, desert, rocks, landscapes and space.

In 2010, Cyprien embarked on a one month long motorcycle trip led him to Chernobyl and Odessa. The following year, he traveled again for a period of three months on a journey that took him to former Yugoslavia, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, North of Iraq, and the Republic of Mountainous Karabakh.

In 2012, after two years of filming, he finished his first experimental fiction, “Nessuno”. While continue his work on the same subject, he invested more in creating videos halfway between art and documentary, with the project “Holy Wars”, and “Dilmun Highway”.

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