What is so special about a new year!?

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So what is so special about a new year event!? it is just another year! but sometimes these occasions are good chance to have a sense of time again in this fast moving world. We look back and we say 2014 had been a big change for us, we decided to make this change and worked hard to achieve it.

We started practicing seriously photography, thanks CPA Bahrain we must say that you played an important role of what photographers we are today. Starting @EverydayBahrain project is one of the things we like to highlight.

The big step was changing our whole lifestyle since we started our travel blog, planning our journeys one after another. We wanted to see the world our way and we wanted you to see it with us. We have learnt a lot from all the travels we had until now and we became to appreciate more the places we visited. We’ve been traveling around Middle East and we hope that we showed you something different about the places you already know or don’t know.

Travel doesn’t only remove boundaries between countries but if you traveled with open heart it also removes the boundaries you have set for yourself about people, places and different cultures. Your mind and imagination grow bigger, your acceptance of others and your adaptation to many different situations.

We don’t claim we know everything about the countries we have visited, but we see them differently now and maybe understood them better.

We are not in a race with time because we can’t defeat time, but we believe that with determination, patience and hard work anyone can achieve his dreams. 2015 we are looking ahead we have set for you many changes and goals. Hope this year will bring you all positive changes in your life.

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