Skydive Jordan above Dead sea

Skydive Jordan above Dead sea

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During our last trip to Jordan I was too excited when Hussain told me that he booked 2 tickets for Skydive Jordan above the Dead Sea. Finally, that thing was on our wish list for a long time. Was I scared at that moment?! No. Was I scared when we got on the plane and getting ready to jump?! oh holy yes!

We like adventures and sometimes we take decisions without deep consideration and that was one of them. We arrived to the place, signed the contract so we are fully responsible of what we are doing, while we are waiting for our turn I was observing people who just came back from the jump maybe trying to see how does it feel like after doing it. Ok they seem ok and happy the mission is accomplished, the girls will come back with a total missy hair. So I was telling myself nothing to scare about.

We had on the safety gear, recorded a small video telling all our family and friends we love you, get in the bus and finally get on our small plane that will take us up high, Kelly my tandem instructor was very cool and friendly.


I got on the plane, the instructors were explaining to us that we will jump when we arrive 13000 feet, till that moment I was ok. It was a hot day and the crew told us they will open the door to get some fresh air so don’t panic. I was sitting on the edge by that door and when it was opened I said ok now I am so afraid. Am I crazy? Am I going to jump from this height from an airplane for the first time in my life… I doubt I can do it…. my photographer has to jump before I do and when I saw him falling I mean jumping it made more scared. It is my turn ok relax, you can do it, you can beat this fear… are you ready yes let’s do it and I jumped and next is Hussain. I cannot explain what does it feel when first falling in the air and then parachuting and having this feeling flying, hanging in the air seeing the mountains of Jordan and the dead see and landing back down was just amazing. I am happy that I could overcome my fears at the last minutes, so if you think you can face your fears skydiving is totally worth it, it was an incredible experience now the fear has gone and I want to do it again.

Will not talk more check out our video and live the experience with us.

Have your ever been in a situation where you have to face your fears? Share your story with us

Skydive Jordan


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